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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Hello and welcome to my website.

Sometimes our lives take a sudden unexpected turn, or circumstances arise which throw us into a spin and can leave us reeling.

Things may, however, not be so dramatic on the surface, but instead we feel a gradual and growing sense of dissatisfaction with our relationships, our careers or with life in general.¬† A sense of ‘is this all there is?’ or ‘what next?’ can pervade our thoughts and cause unease and discomfort.

At such times in our lives we may be consumed by doubts and fears and other strong feelings that we wish to keep hidden from those nearest to us and which we may feel should never see the light of day.

Whatever your situation – and each one is unique – taking time out in order to give yourself the opportunity to talk through and explore your situation in a therapeutic setting can help you regain your equilibrium, change your perspective, and restore and increase your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Type of client and areas of work

Any person at any time or times in their lives, can experience issues that cause them emotional discomfort.

My clients range over a large spectrum of age and socio economic background. I work with all ages from 18 years old.

Issues include:

Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Body Image, Self Esteem, Work related issues, Relationships, Co-dependency, to name a few.

People often experience more than one issue and every person and case is different. My experience with most people of all backgrounds has helped me to relate to most clients to achieve a favourable outcome for their particular needs.