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About me

I am a qualified therapist and counsellor. I have worked with a wide ranging international client base dealing with a whole spectrum of issues – stress, anxiety, relationships, weight, self image,  ageing issues, self esteem, career, and post traumatic stress disorder – to name a few.  Additionally, I have a particular specialism in the issue of narcissism as experienced both by the person themselves as well as those involved in close relationships with them.

I am also a qualified solicitor with many years experience in the City and in this capacity I am very well aware of the stresses and problems that can arise as a result of being a high achiever in corporate or similar competitive environments.  The weight of expectations that you may impose on yourself or feel that are imposed on you by others, may become burdensome at times.  This can be even more isolating if you feel that you are not the ‘type’ that comes to therapy, or if you believe that that your thoughts and feelings cannot be, or are not entitled to be heard or understood.

Whether you are a high flying business professional seeking that calm still space to reflect on your life; whether you are an artistic type experiencing the stresses and strains of being at the cutting edge of creative endeavour; or whether you are seeking respite from the grief, pain or confusion you may be experiencing as crucial life events overtake you and your world – you nevertheless deserve time out just for yourself, to explore your needs, yourself and, ultimately, your solutions.