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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a type of therapy which is sometimes known as “tapping”.  It is a very easy method of reducing and changing emotional responses.  It can be used as an emergency fix for when one is feeling overwhelmed and experiencing high emotional distress, as well as be used consistently to deal with much larger ongoing issues stemming back many years.

It is particularly effective for serious cases such as Post Traumatic Stress and abuse.

It has been used very successfully on war veterans and survivors of various trauma events, and is gentle yet effective.

It can also be used for countless issues from phobias and anxiety, nerves and so on.  People use it at work to cope with stressful situations such as interviews or presentations.  It can be used also for exam nerves.  There is a wealth of information about it online and I would recommend you to have a look at www.emofree.com to get an idea of it.

I use it to help clients as appropriate and it has helped many of them as part of their wider therapy.