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Seminars and Training

With my experience both as psychotherapist and lawyer, I give talks to groups and design and deliver seminars and workshops in the workplace. These are tailored to the audience, or corporate needs for their management and staff.

In these times of recession and uncertainty in the working environment, stress is a growing issue for staff and management alike. Although all work can be stressful – some times more than others due to circumstances in the workplace which are not always stable, there is also one’s particular home and family circumstances at any particular time (divorce; family or relationship difficulties; illness of a loved one for example) which can pile on the pressure.

In recent times, stress has seemed to increase due to people worrying about coping with ever increasing workloads due to cutbacks in funding and staffing, and the fear of complaining or mentioning it in case one is seen as “not good enough” for the job. Hence a cycle of fear and pressure builds. The Health and Safety Executive is concerned about the prevalence of this situation, and such concerns need to be aired safely and constructively which is what my seminars aim to do. To enable you to take away a fresh perspective and tools with you which you can call upon to help you throughout stressful periods.

My audience ranges from District Councils; to corporate; to legal practices, to name a few.

I also give talks to special interest groups on other matters such as co-dependency in relationships and other related matters.

Please contact me if you would like to know more.