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Do you feel that you run away from loving relationships for no apparent reason just when the going felt so good?  Do you freeze at the thought of ‘happy ever after?’  Do you rush into relationships and give chase, only to withdraw and even disappear without a word, when the object of your affection starts to return your love and when they expect the relationship to move to the next level?

Or are you constantly frustrated as the partner of someone who pulls away from you just when you thought it was safe to give your heart to them, leaving you feeling rejected and bewildered?  Does this pattern repeat with the same person over and over, or are you constantly drawn to people where this happens?

Quite often people, both the commitment phobic and their partner, are unconsciously drawn to each other to play out this pattern leaving both parties feeling inadequate or rejected.

These destructive patterns can be broken and healed, and new ways of  being can be revealed, releasing us from the prison of outdated beliefs  and our way of relating to ourselves and others.