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Love Addiction

Do you ever feel that you go from one relationship break up into another?  Does the thought of being abandoned by your partner or not having a partner throw you into a panic?  Do you feel life is not worth living if you are unpartnered and that you will never meet anyone like him/her again?  Do you feel yourself constantly wanting to text, phone or even stalk your partner if you feel they are pulling away from you?  Do you constantly need reassurance although you know your neediness is driving them away?  Do you feel compelled to cling on  for dear life to the object of your affection as  you feel you are worthless without him/her?  Is the pain and uncertainty of your relationship preferable to the absolute emptiness of no relationship at all? These are just some of the many distressing symptoms of love addiction.

These feelings have their roots in childhood and outmoded beliefs that no longer serve you as an adult.  Therapy can bring light to these dark and troubling feelings and help release them from controlling you now and in the future.