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Have you ever been accused of being cold and arrogant?  Do you shun other people except when you think they reflect well on you, or are those with whom it makes you feel good to be associated?  Do you secretly feel superior to others and yet you don’t quite feel able to make genuine contact and thus feel lonely and confused in your ivory tower where no one matches up to your high standards?  You may have narcissistic traits to some degree which are hindering you somewhere in your life.

Or are you involved with a narcissistic person who is always expecting praise, or is  constantly demanding that you  and others be an admiring audience to the drama of their lives.  Do your needs get ignored?  Do you have to walk on eggshells to keep the other person happy?  Do you constantly feel you are a failure or rejected and shut out, if you say the wrong thing to this person? Are you made to feel inadequate?

If you see yourself as having narcissistic traits and you sincerely want to understand and learn to live more easily with others around you, then therapy can help you explore the origins of this and in doing so, help you to a new way of being.

If you are the partner of a narcissist, we can examine ways you have of protecting yourself from the demands and onslaughts of being in such a relationship which can be debilitating emotionally for you, and to help you see ways in which you can assert your rights in a mutually constructive way, or to come to a decision about what is best for you in your unique situation.