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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a distressing condition that can affect people for years if not dealt with and released. It can be a one off incident such surviving as a traumatic car crash or witnessing a tragic and shocking event.

Or it can be something that builds up after years of constant repetition such as physical and mental abuse.  Extreme examples are being in a war zone for a period of time, whereas a much more common example is being abused in the home as part of a dysfunctional relationship, day in and day out.  However people can suffer from PTSD due to any number of causes.

Sufferers of such trauma -whether due to one incident, or exposure over a continued period of time to distressing experiences –  can experience flashbacks, intense anger and feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to feel, function or cope with everyday life.

Quite often this is not picked up by the medical profession in the first instance.  However therapy can offer ways to reduce the intense feelings as a preliminary to then working through them and eventually releasing them.